© Alice Keeney Photography

© Alice Keeney Photography


I love telling stories!  Everyday, I have the pleasure of capturing the joy of some of life's most important moments.  I live in Charleston SC, but I'm always on the lookout for the next adventure.  

I was raised in this state by my mother who is French and my father who is a painter. Growing up surrounded by images and image makers, I learned to analyze things visually and soon developed my own artful aesthetic. After studying in Boston at Emerson College, I attended the New England School of Photography where I focused on documentary and fine art photography.  I then went to New York City to work with renowned photographer Joel Meyerowitz.  Now I have returned to my Southern roots to continue my photographic journey in this beautiful and inspiring landscape.

Excited to hear from you regarding the opportunity for work of all shapes and sizes, print requests or a good old fashioned chat.